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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Please Mama

I’m not sure what initially inspired me to write this poem. I was studying and the first couple lines just popped into my head. I’m not sure whether it was divine intervention or what, but I personally think it’s one of the best poems I have ever written, especially the last verse.

Mama, mama, what have I done?
Why is it you hate me?
I really wanted to know you, mama,
Why didn’t you come to save me?

Mama, mama I would’ve made you proud,
Been anything on earth.
I wouldn’t have even cried much, mama.
Would’ve popped straight out in childbirth.

Mama, mama, I know you’re only young,
Felt you weren’t prepared.
But wouldn’t it have been nice, mama
To see how you would have fared?

Mama, mama, I know you felt alone,
Like no one gave a fig.
But i would have cared, mama,
When I got real big.

Mama, mama it really hurt,
When the strange thing sucked me out.
It’s really dry out here, mama,
Like a desert in a drought.

Mama, mama, I’ve gone real cold,
And it’s much to dark to see.
I hope you’re very happy, mama,
But please, please don’t forget me.


Viva Papa!

Last weekend I went to World Youth Day in Madrid. Wyd is a gathering of the Catholic youth of the world started by Pope John Paul II in order for them to learn more about their faith and show solidarity with one another. This wyd was my first and it was amazing! There were, apparently, over 5 million pilgrims and there was such a carnival atmosphere. Anyway, upon returning I was inspired to write this poem called Viva Papa!

Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
Long live the Pope.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
Our blessed Church’s hope.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
You have known such strife.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
Such a trying life.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
You know what is right.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
So don’t give up the fight.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
Educate the young.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
’til God’s song is sung.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
Sung in every soul.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
Until mankind is whole.
Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
Our Church, she needs you so.
So Viva Papa! Viva Papa!
Viva Papa! Viva!

Do not be silenced.

Yesterday I watched a documentary called Killing us Softly 4 about sexist advertising and its effect on society. After watching it I was inspired to write this poem that I call Do Not Be Silenced.

Black is not beautiful.
Bigger is not better.
These are the fetters
That bind us to Chanel.
But now let us channel
Our beauty, our femininety.
Do not be silenced. Do not be bound.
Stand up and shout ’til we are found
To be right.
We are women.
We are not breasts
Nor waists
Nor legs so thin they waste
Away into nothingness.
We are mothers, we are teachers.
We are nurses, shopkeepers, doctors and preachers
So preach!
Do not be silenced. Do not be bound.
Stand up and shout ’til we are found
To be right.
We have minds, we have wills
We have needs and we have skills
That we can do like no one else can.
We are beautiful. We are proud.
So scream it from the rooftops so loud
That we cannot be ignored!
Black may be beautiful.
Bigger may be better.
But dont let these be fetters
To bind you to some brand.
Ladies, let us band
Together and show them the truth.
We are all of us one of a kind,
Each with our own body, each our own mind.
So let this be our motto, let this be our mantra:
We will not be silenced. We will not be bound.

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