The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism

Please Mama

I’m not sure what initially inspired me to write this poem. I was studying and the first couple lines just popped into my head. I’m not sure whether it was divine intervention or what, but I personally think it’s one of the best poems I have ever written, especially the last verse.

Mama, mama, what have I done?
Why is it you hate me?
I really wanted to know you, mama,
Why didn’t you come to save me?

Mama, mama I would’ve made you proud,
Been anything on earth.
I wouldn’t have even cried much, mama.
Would’ve popped straight out in childbirth.

Mama, mama, I know you’re only young,
Felt you weren’t prepared.
But wouldn’t it have been nice, mama
To see how you would have fared?

Mama, mama, I know you felt alone,
Like no one gave a fig.
But i would have cared, mama,
When I got real big.

Mama, mama it really hurt,
When the strange thing sucked me out.
It’s really dry out here, mama,
Like a desert in a drought.

Mama, mama, I’ve gone real cold,
And it’s much to dark to see.
I hope you’re very happy, mama,
But please, please don’t forget me.


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