The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism

Don’t believe the lies

I’m sorry for the late release, but I was at school so it took me ages to get round to the release. It isn’t my best work (it’s the first poem to have significant racial themes), but it isn’t too horrendous.

Don’t believe the lies.
My darlings we are worth more
Be neither used nor abused
That is not what we’re for.

We are told what we’re ‘worth’,
What we ‘should’ be,
Little more than sex dolls that speak
But that is not me.

I’m not an object to be used,
To give a man his fill.
That I will not swallow;
It is too bitter a pill.

What if I was gangly and sallow?
Or small, deformed, grotesque?
Would that make me any less of a person?
Would I be worth any less?

Since I’m black is the more,
Something extra that I should be?
Something dangerous, an animal, a tigress
Lithe but savage yet sexy?

For East Asians is there more?
Something else that you should be?
Submissive, always quiet, subservient
Polite and distant, yet sexy?

And for Latinas is there more?
Something extra that you should be?
Loud, mouthy, in-your-face
Exotic and boisterous, yet sexy?

My sisters you know this is not true,
There is nothing more you ‘should’ be,
Not savage nor quiet nor mouthy
You don’t even have to be sexy!

And so I tell you, please don’t give in.
If it takes a thousand tries
I will tell you once and once again,
Do not believe the lies!


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