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Just a teenage girl

I would first like to apologise for the late release; i’ve been so busy the blog went completely out of my head! But now here is the conclusion to last week’s poem. Enjoy!

Just a young teenage girl
With my make up bag.
Trying on all different look
From a girly mag.

Just a young teenage girl
Buying a mini skirt.
‘Maybe i’ll buy some high heels to.
I need to learn to flirt.’

Just a young teenage girl
Starting to fit in.
Know how to dress and speak and act
I’m finally starting to win!

Just an older teenage girl
With my first boyfriend.
He likes me for my compliance
So to his will I bend.

Just an older teenage girl
Going on the Pill.
He doesn’t want me to get pregnant see,
So I never will.

Just an older teenage girl
And apparently I’ve won.
I’ve got everything a girl is meant to have
But it isn’t any fun.

One day i’ll be more than ‘just a girl’
Who’s trying to fit in.
One day i’ll just be myself
Then i’ll truly win.


Just a little girl

I’m not too sure what I think about gender roles. I guess they’re a natural, and not necessarily damaging, part of every society but become damaging if they become restrictive. To a certain extent, this isn’t a huge issue for me personally as my parents were always very supportive of my tomboy-ish-ness when I was young but I do still feel certain pressures to conform to what it means to be a ‘woman’. I hope my portrayal of that pressure is not patronising and I apologise if it is, but in my defence it’s something i’m still discovering and exploring myself. This poem will be in two parts with part 2 being released next week. Now I present Just a Little Girl

I am just a little girl
With my barbie doll
I hold it by its long blonde hair
And yearn for a rugby ball.

I am just a little girl
Buying a dress with mum
All I want are some dungarees
To go and have some fun.

I am just a little girl
Trying to fit in.
But I don’t like fashion, dolls or make up
Is that such a sin?

I am just a pre-teen girl
With my first mobile phone
I want to ring up some of the lads
But that just isn’t done.

I am just a pre-teen girl
Buying my very first bra.
Mum picks out a pink push-up
”Womanhood isn’t that far.”

I am just a pre-teen girl
Trying to fit in.
I ditched by rugby ball last week
Threw it in the bin.

Soon I’ll be a teenage girl
And I’ll finally fit in.
I’ll have the right clothes, shoes and hair
Be what it says on the tin.

Is it impossible?: Part 2

This is the conclusion to my previous poem. They don’t really fit very well together, but I think it has the right feel to it….well I hope it does. I hope it provides some comfort to my fellow young feminists. So, here it is: Is it Impossible?: Part 2

Being a feminist
Is not the same
As being forever alone.
It is a myth to which
Many are prone
To lean.
It is much harder
To find a man
When you’re not
A fan
Of misogyny.
But it is not impossible,
By any means.
When you do
He’ll be someone
Who really gets you
And what you’re about.
So my sisters,
Don’t sell out!
If it happens,
It will be special
Take the chance
Prove your mettle!
Don’t settle;
Romance and feminism
Do fit together.
They are not so different
Not like lead and a bird’s feather.

A little late

I know this is the second tuesday with no release, but I don’t want to release something shit. So, this week’s release will be on thursday. Hopefully after that releases will return to normal. Again, I am very sorry!

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