The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism

Is it impossible?: Part 2

This is the conclusion to my previous poem. They don’t really fit very well together, but I think it has the right feel to it….well I hope it does. I hope it provides some comfort to my fellow young feminists. So, here it is: Is it Impossible?: Part 2

Being a feminist
Is not the same
As being forever alone.
It is a myth to which
Many are prone
To lean.
It is much harder
To find a man
When you’re not
A fan
Of misogyny.
But it is not impossible,
By any means.
When you do
He’ll be someone
Who really gets you
And what you’re about.
So my sisters,
Don’t sell out!
If it happens,
It will be special
Take the chance
Prove your mettle!
Don’t settle;
Romance and feminism
Do fit together.
They are not so different
Not like lead and a bird’s feather.


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