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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Temporary Break

I’m sorry but I’m going to have to stop posting for a while. Things have gotten very difficult for me so I haven’t the time/energy to write anything I would be comfortable posting.

However, should matters proceed as I forsee them, then I should return just after Christmas.

Again I apologise. Granted, it’s not like anyone really cares whether I post or not because noone reads this, but I feel as though I should apologise anyway.

Thank you



I am sure you have all heard of the Occupy Wall Street/London Stock Exchange movement. I am sympathetic with their greviances and I do believe that capitalism is broken. However, I also believe that the ‘them and us’ culture we have is not helping anyone. Only when everyone works together will some of these injustices be truly addressed. So here is my call to unity, 100%

The 99% versus the 1
The many versus the few
The poor versus the rich
Who does that help? Who?
There should be no ‘them’
There should be no ‘us’
For all that does
Is create a fuss
Over who are ‘us’?
Who are ‘them’?
In the end
We’re all the same.
People. Citizens. Human beings.
That is all
We should be seeing.
Not a suit,
Nor a car,
Nor a house
Up a hill.
We are ‘the 99%’
This is true.
And they are ‘the 1%’
And I am me and you are you.
But now, let us be the 100%,
Human together, through and through.


Sorry for not posting last week. I have a lot on my plate right now and I don’t really have time to sit down and write poetry so updates will be somewhat sporadic for quite a while.

Anyway, rather than comment on Halloween and the problems surrounding that, I decided to write a poem about heroines. I love comic books (DC especially) but the way in which the heroines are presented has always…bothered me. Especially now the DC-52 reboot is in full swing. They seem to be little more than Dreamgirls, a mythical creature whose sole purpose is┬átitillation.

A tiny waist,
Long flowing hair,
She saves the world
Here and there.
In string bikini,
In battle thong
She sings again
The same song.
‘Come here,
To me.
Is this what you seek?
No fear
Come see!
A piece of meat.
Because why I’m here
What I’m meant to be
Is your captive Dreamgirl.’
She does not seek
Affection or love
After she flies in
Down from above.
She seeks only
To fulfil
Your every dream
And she will!
She’ll be all yours
She’ll stand up straight
Or be on all fours.
She’ll stretch and distort
Her female frame,
Like a sort of strange
Twisted game.
She’ll be strong, independent
If that does it for you.
Or meek, subservient;
That’s OK too.
She’ll knee and punch
And viciously kick
Villains twisted
And villains sick.
Then, as always,
Return to be
Your captive Dreamgirl.
She’ll go fight crime,
Save the day,
Then find the time
To be sexy,
A seductress
Yet so very empty.
Her sexuality
Is not hers
For it is your will
That she prefers.
So when day is done,
The world is safe,
Villain in jail,
She’ll return to your place
As ever and forever to be
Your empty, your hopeless,
Your captive Dreamgirl

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