The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism


I am sure you have all heard of the Occupy Wall Street/London Stock Exchange movement. I am sympathetic with their greviances and I do believe that capitalism is broken. However, I also believe that the ‘them and us’ culture we have is not helping anyone. Only when everyone works together will some of these injustices be truly addressed. So here is my call to unity, 100%

The 99% versus the 1
The many versus the few
The poor versus the rich
Who does that help? Who?
There should be no ‘them’
There should be no ‘us’
For all that does
Is create a fuss
Over who are ‘us’?
Who are ‘them’?
In the end
We’re all the same.
People. Citizens. Human beings.
That is all
We should be seeing.
Not a suit,
Nor a car,
Nor a house
Up a hill.
We are ‘the 99%’
This is true.
And they are ‘the 1%’
And I am me and you are you.
But now, let us be the 100%,
Human together, through and through.


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