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To be a Catholic

This is a poem I wrote some time ago after one of the many disputes I have had with feminists about my faith versus my feminism. There seems to be a perception that I cannot be a proper feminist because I am a Catholic and this poem is a reply to that perception.


Catholic feminism:

An oxymoron?

Is Catholicism

So misogynist?

Teaching love of neighbour

Is that so wrong?

To do a person a favour

Is that chauvinist?

Perhaps some teachings

Appear at odds

With my feminist leanings.

But not so.

Sexual health

Has its root

In the spiritual wealth

Of Scripture.

But that is unimportant

In the face

Of giving thanks

To God.

Love all you meet

And all those you don’t

And always treat

Them like your own.

Love, love is what counts

That is the root of it all.

Ignoring that is tantamount

To ripping out my faith’s soul.

So do not tell me I’m not a feminist

Because I follow the Pope.

All true Catholics are on the list

Because of that Love.

To Catholics I say,

Pick up the cause!

Because that is the only way

We can follow Our Lord.

Women are God’s children

Loved by Him

Just as much as men.

Remember that.




It being Holocaust Memorial Day, I thought that I would post a poem in honour of those who have had their lives cruelly robbed from them so unjustly. This will be the only change to the release schedule for the foreseeable future, so I hope that you will indulge me.

I realise that any poem, especially one written by someone like myself who will never know that kind of fear, pain and loss, can truly do justice to the mass murder that has happened all over the world for centuries. But I hope that my meagre offering will be accepted for what it is: a tribute to those who have lost their lives and an act of solidarity with those who are still being oppressed and killed in the world today.

To lend your voice to those who have had their voices taken from them, please visit the following websites:

or, to find other charities


Now, I most humbly present the poem for this week: Remember


Weakness found.

That chink in the armour

That one note that resounds

And resonates in people’s souls,

In their inner darkness.


Rumours spread.

‘Did you know?’ ‘Have you heard?’

We the victims fill with dread

As we feel the hate,

Feel the bile.


Promises made.

‘We will rid you of this threat!’

We shrink and quail, we feel betrayed

By those who had sworn to defend us

To protect our rights.


The punches reign.

A body lies twisted and broken in the gutter.

Another life, it’s murder again.

Another coffin lowers into another grave,

Another grave forever closed.



Nothing done.

An ‘investigation’ bears no fruit.

Hope sets as the sun

As all faith in the system fades

Fades into naught.


Laws passed.

And suddenly our fears are confirmed.

This prejudice has become law too soon, too fast.

We must go; we must flee this place,

Flee for kinder shores.


Spirits broken.

The curses and punches crush our resolve

And our bloodied noses are a potent token

Of the pain, the oppression, the universal exclusion

Exclusion from the society we helped create.


People suffer.

State-endorsed hate rules the streets.

Victims give up, buckle under.

But a few strive, as few of us resolve to resist

Resist the hand we were dealt.



Resistance appears.

Refuse to accept the hate, the violence.

We will not be ruled by their hatred, by our fears.

We refuse to allow our hope to sleep again,

Sleep lest it never awake.


Laws repealed.

The Powerful say ‘sorry’, shirk responsibility.

‘We could do nothing; our lips were sealed.’

The People accept, they may even agree

Agree with this cowardice.


Statistics alone.

The numbers express hatred that is left, the violent remnants.

State-endorsed prejudice has, apparently, gone

To leave cold, facts, hard figures

Figures to denote lives lost.


It’s history now.

Articles, novels, textbooks recount the events;

Unable to capture the hunger, the fear, the sweat on our brows.

The feeling that we were helpless, powerless,

Powerless to change a thing.


Earth’s peoples remember

Remember all the hated, the despised.

Remember those lost to the annals of time, lost forever.

Remember their pain, their loss,

Remember that time, remember.


And, if I may offer a brief prayer


Eternal rest grant unto them, oh Lord

And let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace.



I guess this is directed more at the people who aren’t racist. The perfectly liberal, accepting people who, unfortunately, believe that racism and prejudice is non-existent, even in themselves.


It is not in the past.

Even though people are so fast

To put it from their minds.

It exists. It is a reality

It is there

And permeates all of society.

From the lowest lows

To the highest heights

Causes riots, rape, murder

Round and round it goes

In everyone’s mind.

You do not have to be

A racist, or a victim.

All you have to do is see

A black man and think ‘crime’

Or a Middle Eastern and think ‘terrorist’

Or even things more subtle,

More hard to resist.

It’s prejudice:

Nothing more.

And every human with opinions

Opens that door

That cannot be closed.

But work, and strive

Against your racism

And tolerance will survive

And grow!

Do not be scared

To face yourself

It is an experience everyone has shared

With everyone else.

So do not ignore this infection

Lest it fester and grow

To again engulf every section

Of our hearts.

Racism is not in the past

No matter how quick

No matter how fast

People put it from their minds.

Know this and remember.

New Year

Happy New Year to my fellow feminists! I am back after my hiatus because things are all good now. It will be a hard year, with new battles and new challenges and the same old misogyny over and over again. So, since it’s the new year, I thought that I would open with a poem about the new year. The properly feminist stuff will start up from next week!

New beginning,

New year;

New hopes,

New fears.

New disputes,

Old fights;

Trying to gain

The same rights

As our neighbours

And our friends.

Starting new battles

To meet the same ends.

It’s a fresh start

And a new year

So march on

Without fear.

Take each other’s hand

And take up the cause

Without hesitation

And without pause.

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