The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism


I guess this is directed more at the people who aren’t racist. The perfectly liberal, accepting people who, unfortunately, believe that racism and prejudice is non-existent, even in themselves.


It is not in the past.

Even though people are so fast

To put it from their minds.

It exists. It is a reality

It is there

And permeates all of society.

From the lowest lows

To the highest heights

Causes riots, rape, murder

Round and round it goes

In everyone’s mind.

You do not have to be

A racist, or a victim.

All you have to do is see

A black man and think ‘crime’

Or a Middle Eastern and think ‘terrorist’

Or even things more subtle,

More hard to resist.

It’s prejudice:

Nothing more.

And every human with opinions

Opens that door

That cannot be closed.

But work, and strive

Against your racism

And tolerance will survive

And grow!

Do not be scared

To face yourself

It is an experience everyone has shared

With everyone else.

So do not ignore this infection

Lest it fester and grow

To again engulf every section

Of our hearts.

Racism is not in the past

No matter how quick

No matter how fast

People put it from their minds.

Know this and remember.


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