The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism

Wilful Ignorance

I guess I wrote this one for the women and POC (People Of Colour) who cannot, and refuse not, to see racism or sexism around them. Who see the problematic portrayals of women and POC by both privileged and unprivileged groups alike but prefer to live with the blinkers on and collaborate rather than acknowledge and try to make a change. It is also the first poem I’ve ever written completely in free verse so I dunno how it has turned out.


They are blind to see

The sexism before them

The racism

They refuse to become

Alert. Aware.

To comprehend.

Instead they hide

They bury their heads in the sand

And say ‘It’s OK’ ‘Nothing is wrong’

Whilst staring at their bodies

In revulsion

In disgust

They do not know

And they do not believe

That we do not lie.

We know what we see

And when we try

To explain?

‘You are paranoid’

‘The world is post-feminist, colour-blind’

‘There is nothing wrong.’

But please,

Do not go through life



Just consuming.

Lest the filth consume you

Lest it make you hate yourself

Hate who you are.

Remove the plugs from your ears

Shake the dust from your mind

Wipe the mud from your eyes



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