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An amateur poet's take on feminism

I think I’ll just reblog all of these accounts, just coz nWoD is pretty awesome XD
i’ll also include a little glossary for those not familiar with the world (as far as I am able; I’m not sure what some of the stuff means XP)
Lost–Changelings (mortals who have escaped from the maddening world of the Fae)
Bound–humans brought back to life by Geists (basically very very old ghosts) who are now bound to said Geist
embraced–turned into a vampire
the veil–the barrier between our world and the world of magical creatures

Glass Eyes

Name: “Stoker” Unsure of name’s origin, original name unknown.

Status: active  deceased

Appearance: late twenties, male, somewhat tall, a lot of muscle. very short hair, similar to father’s in reports. no distinction in dress-code

Criminal history: assault on mortals, involved in suspected murder of Lancea Sanctum elder, two instances of breaking the veil, theft, kidnapping, public indecency, hatred against lost, bound, and dwarves, suspected rape against elves, mortals, and a werewolf.

Background: Grew up on farm, embraced by uncle (investigation turned up bad history with uncle, though the invictus has already seen to him) killed a mage and usurped his house, enraging the silver ladder, though it was lawful (honourable combat, some mages never learn). Frequently travlled to cities to cause trouble. joined old albion via the sanctum’s office.

Notes: I have a full list of his crimes in detail, and it’s longer than my spear. Some of the reports…

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