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Into the Demon’s House

This is the start of the account of the New World of Darkness campaign I am involved in. New World of Darkness is a tabletop rpg in which ‘all the myths are true’, as it were (i.e. faeries, witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves etc all exist). It is usually set in the modern world, but my friends and I decided to for a medieval setting, just for fun. (My character in Ethel de Redvers)
So enjoy!

Glass Eyes

((I’ve decided to continue this blog again, this time using it for World of Darkness, which means I’ll be more likely to post, but on a very different topic to idle rambling, though rambling may occur if I have time.))

Come, take a seat. I don’t mean you any harm. My servants may have been a little…over-enthusiastic, and I do deeply apologise, but do not worry I may let you free to see your loved ones again. What was that? They left you? Such a pity, such a pity… Perhaps a tale, to cheer you up? Sit by the fire, it’s lovely and warm. I think you’ll find my company is very enjoyable. Let me think…I have just the story, it is long, and it will push the boundaries of your poor, simple mind, but I am sure you will find it to your taste.

It all started in a…

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