The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism

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The Gentry: The Fae/Fair Folk/Faeries

Glass Eyes

Did you sleep well?  Good, good. The dreams here are most pleasant, you’ll find. A nightmare in a world made of nightmares is somewhat redundant. Now, you see this? It’s a report on the vampire I mentioned at the start of the story, to help you follow. Yes, he was a real monster wasn’t he? He’s not even the worst who has preyed on your kind across the millenia. Yes, be angry, you have every right to be, vengeful, compassionate, delicious anger. Pardon? No no, I said nothing. Now, back to my tale!

You see, these people were being watched, and not be any single entity. Lance was being watched by the very mage who had taken his life from him. Oh no, he didn’t kill him. If a mage has time to prepare, they will move mountains before they die, no, the mage was simply checking up on him…

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