The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism


Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought that I would do a poem on love. But instead of being disgustingly romantic about it, I decided to write about both sides of love, the fun bit and the hard bit (focussing on the hard bit). So yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day to all those couples celebrating the day and enjoy this little reminder about how it’s not all fun and games xx

It’s hard
Sometimes it will end up hurting
It goes beyond the words of affection
Beyond the sweet words and idle flirting.
True love takes work
Takes honesty and time
The fortitude to stick at it
When things aren’t ‘just fine’.
Love is spending time alone to calm down
It is arguing and it is fighting
It is checking your words when things go wrong
It is sitting alone with your thoughts and crying.

It’s magic.
It will bring the heart new pleasure
It will lift the heart to all new heights
It brings peace and joy in equal measure.
True love is to smile
When things go wrong
To love someone
Is to separate them from the throng.
Love is when you remain steadfast and loyal
Even when others refuse.
It is to never be whimsical with your beloved’s heart
Nor play nor hurt nor use.


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