The Musings of a Modern Feminist

An amateur poet's take on feminism

Glass Eyes

Name: Unknown

Deed name: Bloodrage

Status: Deceased

Appearance: Tall, very muscular, short hair, dirty, generally dresses in furs. Description lacking due to lack of sightings and disappearance of corpse.

Criminal History: accusations of mating with wolves and other Uratha, bearing silver weaponry, preying on a human. Aside from werewolf taboos, suspect has not broken laws.

Background: Very little information is available on this man. He had not joined a pack, and rarely communicates with his tribe. He was a peasant boy who was killed in an attack by the Ivory Claws tribe. Lived with blood talons for most of his adolescence, generally said to be easily provoked and adventurous. Upon first change (under the full moon), he left to wander. There is evidence that he lived with Stoker for a few years, or at least hunted in the same territory.

Notes: as of the time of the report’s writing, Bloodrage is…

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