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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Moving to Tumblr

I’ve decided to shift over to tumblr because then I can run my poetry blog and personal blog from the same place.

the url is


Over and Over and Over Again

I know that I’ve already written about streetĀ harassmentĀ before. But it’s something that does deeply affect me. The harassment that I have faced has always been brief and fairly mild: a quick grope, a catcall, a leer. But nonetheless, it’s something that ruins my day; I end up miserable, irritable, I cry. I hope that people realise that catcalls, leers and gropes aren’t compliments, having someone shout ‘hey sugar tits’ isn’t flattering, it’s often frightening. Having my space invaded, having someone reduce me to the sacks of fat a carry on my chest or lower back is not pleasant.

But I digress, I present to you: over and over and over again

Light touch
Quick feel
Hours, or days
‘Till it heals.

How did you walk?
What did you wear?
Make up on your face?
Flowers in your hair?

They think you’re pretty!
It’s just attention.
Nothing bad
Just a bit of fun!

I close my eyes
See the leers
Got to shut out
The pain, the tears.

But it passes,
And fades away
For a few short weeks
For a few short days.

Until that light tough
That quick feel
And it’s hours, or days
‘Till it heals.



Well I’m back! As for news, there’s not much to report.

My exams are now over (at last) and I am free to write as much poetry as I please, sort of.

I’m finally on Tumblr! It’s a personal blog that will contain lots of things I like such as food, films, games, books and cute things.

I’ll be running a Geist: The Sin-Eaters campaign. It’s one of the less popular New World of Darkness (analog RPG) systems, but I love the rules and feel of it. Campaign notes shall be posted on my tumblr.

I might shift this blog over to tumblr altogether, depending on if I actually like Tumblr or not.

Poems shall be posted again from Tuesday so enjoy!


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