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The Whole Industry

We’re back to feminism this week. So I present this week’s poem:

They say it’s not enough
Never enough
You need more stuff
To make yourself acceptable
Too much fat
Too little
It’s just that
it’s in the wrong place
The wrong distribution.

Here, buy this cream
This serum
It’ll make you seem
For just an instant

Then you need to buy more
And more
And more
And more….

You must be paler
Or darker
Or thinner
Just not yourself
Never yourself.


I am sorry

As I have just turned 18, I have spent the last couple weeks doing some serious introspection…which isn’t easy…at all. After inspecting my thought processes and actions I haven’t particularly liked what I found. Therefore, this poem is something of an apology, but I would also like to apologise as it is incredibly self indulgent. I didn’t initially necessarily want the blog to be full of that sort of poetry but I have realised that this is somewhat impossible since this is a journey of self discovery (if you would permit the cliché). But I hope that this doesn’t effect only me, that I anot the only young feminist facing this dilemna. If I am, I’m not much of a feminist. If I’m not then I hope this provides some comfort and support to those facing similar problems. Also, sorry because it doesn’t read very well but I hope the sentiment comes across well enough. Well this was quite the preamble today, but anyway way I present ‘I am Sorry’.

If beauty is unimportant
If it is only ‘skin deep’
Then why do I keep
Trying to make it my own?
Why do I want to be seen as pretty
Over witty
Or charming
Or even kind?
This I find
To be a major problem.
That is the word
Many a man has heard
On my lips
In my blog.
But now a fog
Clouds my mind
And makes me wonder,
What am I?
I do not fight
For women’s rights
To be treated like human beings.
Not when I deny
That very same cry
By desiring the things I claim to reject.
I have been silenced.
I have been bound
Indeed I have been found
Guilty of feeding the system.
I want to be sexy
I want men to find me
Attractive for my body before my mind.
I no longer want to sit alone
With my phone
Texting some random friend on a Friday night.
I don’t want the be the ‘3rd wheel’,
Left to feel
Alone, and unloved.
Yes, I have been tried.
And though I have tried
To defend my sisters,
I am not a solution
I merely add to the mental pollution
Of misogyny and sexism.
But nay, I shall not give in.
Yes, I am sorry for I sin
But does not every man?
I have been weak
But do we not all seek
From time to time that forbidden fruit?
So, I will continue to fight
For our right
To be seen as people before women.
And I promise you that I shall never ever be silenced
And neither shall I be bound.

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